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Notary Public Thumbprinters

All prices include shipping.


Professional Rectangular Thumbprinter

$12 + $4 shipping + 99 cents tax if you live in CA.
$16.00 out of CA
$16.99 in CA

Makes 1000 thumbprints.

This thumbprinter is the best in the business. I used it exclusively for my mobile Public Notary career. The ink does not dry out easily (unlike the circular thumbprinter). I learned from experience not to use the circular thumbprinters. The rectangular thumbprinter costs several dollars more than the circular one, but delivers 1000 thumbprints as opposed to the 600 (often a bit dry) thumbprints from the circular one.

Although it is polite to offer your clients moistened wipes after thumbprinting them, with this thumbprinter, the ink (it is not real ink, but a high tech substitute that is much better than ink for thumbprinting) can be removed from your thumb by rubbing your fingers against your thumb.

This item is available on the supplies page of www.123epayment.com

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