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Become a New York Notary Public

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$85 + s/h

NY combo #1 offers future notaries to prepare for the NY notary exam.

This combo contains:

The CD-rom for preparing for the NY state notary exam.

The "Prepare for & Pass the New York notary exam CD-rom training course teaches you everything you need to know to pass the New York notary exam with ease. Take the course all at once or set your own pace. the end of the course practice exam prepares you for the state exam in real time. (PC compatible only.)

The notary law primer for NY.

The NY notary law primer is an excellent way to prepare for the notary exam in addition to taking a seminar or CD-rom course. It goes over all of the notary laws in NY which you need to know. It is also a good reference guide to keep by your side for your whole term as a notary public.

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