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Become a New York Notary Public

New York eCourse


Learn everything you need to know to pass the New York Notary exam. Get password immediately at point of sale. No waiting neccessary. There is no downloading required. Simply login to www.123ecourses.com with your password.

Please call 888-858-1458 if you have any questions.

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The NY e-course includes:

Ch 1. Requirements for becoming a notary public in New York
Ch 2. Preparing your application and registering for the exam
Ch 3. Preparing for the exam
Ch 4. The exam itself
Ch 5. What to do after the exam
Ch 6. The notary commission
Ch 7. Notarial acts
Ch 8. Identification
Ch 9. Journals
Ch 10. Notary certificates and forms
Ch 11. The notary seal
Ch 12. Notary fees
Ch 13. When not to notarize
Ch 14. Miscellaneous notary procedures
Ch 15. Miscellaneous notary laws
Ch 16. Misconduct and fines


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