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Become a New York Notary Public

101 Useful Notary Tips

$12.26 + s/h

This book covers the following topics:

  • What information you must include in your notary journal
  • The best proof against forgery
  • The exact way to perform an acknowledgement
  • What to do if you notarize after your expiration date
  • How to handle post-dated documents
  • Where to get your documents notarized abroad
  • What states specify IDs a notary must use
  • Notarizing for family members and your spouse
  • When notaries are allowed to take depositions
  • The best way to detect a fraudulent ID
  • How to protect your notary seal
  • and Much Much More!!!

A fact filled book with tips on every subject, from acknowledgements and apostilles... to jurats and journals.... to seals and signatures. It's a great quick reference guide. 46 pages.

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