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Become a New York Notary Public

nocando1-2 Sorry, No Can Do #1 and #2

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This two volume book explains in detail some of the things notaries can't do. In addition, it also explains what to tell your clients who can be very pushy at times. It is a great idea to bring the book with you when you do notaries so that you can point to the page where it says why you can't do what your client is asking you to do. Remember, your commission is your livelyhood. Don't risk it to please a pushy client. Almost all of the topics covered come up in real life in my notary career all the time. I recommend this book strongly even if you only do loan document signing because you will be exposed to many of these issues as a loan signer.

This book discusses the following topics:

  • Just stamp and sign without notary wording
  • Help prepare your clients documents
  • Notarize a birth certificate
  • Securing patents or copyrights
  • Notarizing a photograph, passport, or license
  • Immigration advice
  • Notarizing incomplete documents
  • Having the notary select which kind of notarization to perform
  • Notarizing a signer who is not present
  • Notarizing the signature page only
  • Giving someone a notarized certificate without attaching it to the document
  • Certifying translations
  • Notarizing without identification
  • Certify an object or event
  • Screening signers for competence, identity, and willingness
  • Subscribing witnesses with an interest in the document
  • Falsifying dates (predating and postdating)
  • Notarizing people who speak a different language
  • Having the subscribing witness take an oath on behalf of the signer
  • Renotarizing an altered document



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